B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Needs are Diverse

Business to business marketing demands a highly focused, specialized plan with tactics that connects you with prospective customers.

Today’s business landscape is more crowded than ever and you’ve probably asked yourself how it’s even possible to stand out among all the others. That’s where an experienced marketing team can help you the most. Your business needs that extra push in the right direction and we’re here to help!

B2B Customer Decision-making

One of the unique differences of many B2B customer sales is the latent purchase decision process or buying cycle. Many factors can impede time needed to complete a B2B transaction:

  • Identify and compare credible, qualified vendors or suppliers
  • Confirm required specifications can be met or challenges resolved
  • Approve costs over thousands or millions of dollars
  • Secure final approval by differing groups or individuals

These all take time.

The B2B market is defined by four main categories:

  • Commercial Market
  • Trade Industries
  • Organizations
  • Government Institutions

The Commercial Market includes any individual or company that needs goods and services that directly or indirectly support the production of other goods and services. Examples:

  • Jimmy Luv’s buys tomatoes, spices, bottles and printed labels to produce their Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix, which they sell to bars, restaurants and liquor stores.

Trade Industries include wholesalers and retailers (resellers) that buy goods for resale to others.

Business-to-Business Marketing Strategies

Most B2B companies use marketing literature to forward to pre-qualified prospects. They build their list of prospects from direct mail, email, trade shows, customer referrals, website subscribers and even purchased mail distribution lists.

Since 2000, most B2B companies have realized they need a professional, credible website presence. While some are still transitioning to a more interactive online presence, many businesses understand the value of adding fresh, relevant information designed to inform and persuade visitors to initiate contact with them.

Jump to 2019 and businesses now have two of the fastest-growing media tools available on the Internet: social media and online videos. Used correctly to either incorporate personal referrals or visually-compelling presentations, these are the two most powerful forms of connecting and communicating with customers – especially for the B2B industry. Videos provide businesses with the power to demonstrate products, manufacturing services, equipment, and facilities. Social media then gives a much broader network for meeting people, sharing resources and B2B lead generation.

Videos are a Valuable B2B Marketing Tool

Corporate and Commercial Video Production

We have videographers, post-production editors and an in-house studio for integrating your B2B services and brand into a strong marketing video. We also have an in-house music producer who works exclusively on creating, mixing and producing music for both businesses and individual artists. We produce all kinds: corporate, sales, informational, training, trade show, branding and social marketing.

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