Integrated Marketing

Applied Market Integration

How Integration Works for Businesses

Large companies create an overall business marketing strategy to achieve their current business goals. Their strategy becomes the central driving force to building diverse marketing messages across multiple media channels. Media messages may differ for individual target markets, type of marketing channel or the customer’s position in the buying cycle.

10 Phases of a Marketing Plan

  • Identify the Goal
  • Identify the Problems/Challenges
  • Identify the Industry/Competition
  • Identify Targeted Markets and Stakeholders
  • Develop the Message and Brand
  • Identify Media Channels
  • Select the Most Effective Marketing Solution
  • Implement Solution
  • Monitor the Marketing Impact (ROI)
  • Make Adjustments, Follow up, and Revise

Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is another avenue that our integrated marketing plans can help grow your business. Whether one portion or your complete company is part of a niche, KKom can assist your business by reaching specific customer groups with targeted advertisements. Special interest magazines, advertising on specific TV channels or trade shows specific to your product or service are just a few examples of niche marketing ideas.

Niche Marketing Story

A company sells a full line of grocery items to bar/restaurants, grocery stores, and caterers. They want to market a specific item from their product list to specific group of customers. Their chosen food item is Spanish Olives, which is very marketable in various markets. KKom has various successful tactics that will launch their Spanish Olives through a highly-focused, solution-based approach for their niche target groups.