Digital Color Printing

Digital printing versus conventional printing

Conventional printing typically involves more processes, which take more time and have higher costs. These processes involve making films and color proofs, manually stripping or masking films and making plates. Setting up the printer for offset lithography can be very time-consuming, requiring on-going maintenance and production checks, too.

Digital color printing eliminates those mechanical processes – saving you time and money on your printing project.

Advantages of digital printing

  • Every print is the same
  • Cost savings for low-volume printing
  • Shorter turnaround time
  • Easily personalized with variable data
  • Accurate proofs (offset proofs can be expensive)

Quick Turnaround

Another advantage of digital printing is the fast printing turnaround times that can be achieved. Because most jobs in our print production schedule are smaller printing jobs, our scheduling is very flexible. Contact our digital print specialists to discuss your specific quick turnaround print needs.

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Digital color printing offers high-resolution digital output at high-speed printing output. Each printed copy is the same, with crisp images, clean type, and exceptional quality – from first to last.

Low-Volume Affordability

Digital printing is ideal for small print production runs. No need to store large quantities of business printed office supplies or marketing collateral. This print-on-demand process is great for business stationery, point-of-sale signs, direct mail cards, posters, article reprints, brochures, postcards, customer reminders, and envelopes.

Digital printing has minimal set-up compared to offset printing, which can be more labor-intensive. Less set-up processing eliminates errors.

Cost-savings are also realized through our in-house services. Our commitment to offering “under one roof” services eliminates your need to coordinate deliveries between vendors, or to pay shipping and storage charges.

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Digital color printing offers ease of customizing each printed piece using personalized printing technology. Personalized printing integrates variable data printing (VDP) technology during the digital printing process – allowing different elements to be changed as each piece is printed. These custom elements can be text, images or graphics. The most common variable data printing uses the same basic layout, but prints a different name and address on each piece.

Clever marketing strategies can provide even more effective ways to communicate with your customers. Variable Data Printing gives you the ability to use customer-specific database criteria (such as “industry”) to deliver personalized messages or more relevant content and images that will speak more directly to each customer’s needs or challenges.

Ask about our restaurant menu printing services (and menu design). We’ve had the pleasure of working with many great restaurants, from the local Milwaukee area to international.