Social Media Marketing

Result-Driven Social Media Advertising Services

Our social media advertising services allow your to generate immediate results across the social media channels that are most relevant to your business. Enable the most cost-effective and targeted form of advertising today and watch your bottom line increase.

Grow Your Business with Our Social Media Advertising by Focusing on These Key Areas

Target Your Unique Audience

Social media platforms like Facebook allow very specific targeting, not only general demographics like age, gender, geographic location and income level, but also interests, job titles, and much more! We can also target your email lists and recent website visitors (after installing retargeting pixels).

Money Spent Wisely

Social media paid advertising is currently the most cost-effective digital strategy for reaching the largest number of relevant people. Not only this, we can easily track what is and isn’t working, and continuously refine our process.

Quick Results

While reaching people organically is a great long-term strategy, it takes a lot of time and sometimes more effort than it’s worth at the beginning. Paid ads allow you to reach the people that are interested in your products or services NOW which opens the doors to more brand awareness, website traffic, and ultimately sales.

Social media marketing begins with companies listening and then initiating actions based on what they’ve heard.

Companies using information gleaned from social media conversations are better prepared to improve their products, services and brand messages. Applying these insights to their business strategies will also help them foster and cement loyalties among their customers and brand advocates – and potentially leap ahead of less socially-attuned competitors.

Businesses are quickly discovering that social media marketing is about fostering open communication with consumers. People want to connect with you. Your customers are fans who want to be heard and feel valued for their patronage. Social commerce provides businesses the opportunity to fulfill these needs.

Integrate Social Media with Your Current Marketing

Social media networks (like Facebook and Twitter) are classified as viral social communication channels – for both consumers and businesses. You’ll find great value in using social media to learn more about your prospects and customers.

  • GAIN HELPFUL INSIGHTS as consumers and competitors talk about your brand, products, and services.
  • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS as you engage them in conversations.

People want to be heard. Connecting with them via social media acknowledges that you are really listening to them.

Social Media is about the people!
Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.
– Matt Goulart

Social Media Channel Selection

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are different types of social media communication tools.

  • Facebook is for more aggressive interaction (which requires approval to join).
  • Twitter is a more laid-back environment (which does not require approval to share or listen).
  • LinkedIn is devoted to the more professional facets of our online profiles.

Facebook and Twitter are not the only social media tools that you should consider. Explore other social media networks where your customers are following, commenting and participating. Who are they talking to? Who are they sharing and interacting with?

Plan a strategy to get involved in your customers’ preferred social media networks…, even niched channels.

Gotta’ fish where the fishing’s good, right?

Conversations Humanize Social Media Sites

Social media sites provide an easy online source to unify individuals with common interests. Communities exist in a multitude of sizes and purposes, and the people within each community are talking among themselves.

Social media marketing involves listening and establishing relationships with the various personalities within these social networks.

Constant engagement with Facebook and Twitter customers is beneficial, but real conversations are critical. Your followers want to talk with humans! Consistent, proactive participation will bring results. Listen to them; share your knowledge and optimism. Most importantly, be yourself – because Social Media is not about campaigns; it’s about people and relationships!

The Power of Social Media Networking

The idea behind social media marketing is that “friends recommend links, websites, and products to their peers.” This consumer-based power is but one reason why social media communications are growing faster than most other marketing channels. Why?

  • People DO NOT BELIEVE what you tell them
  • People RARELY BELIEVE what you show them
  • People USUALLY BELIEVE what friends tell them

The surge of social and mobile technologies is starting to influence commerce, supply chain management and the demand for new products and services.

  • How will Social Commerce change the Consumer Decision-Making Process?
  • How will Mobile Communications impact the Consumer Shopping Experience?

How to Succeed in Social Media

  • Use social media to share product info
  • Share industry knowledge and tips
  • Listen to what your customers want
    (if you listen carefully, they will tell you)
  • Respond to their needs in a timely manner
  • Optimize your social profiles to help consumers find you on diverse social channels

BOTTOM LINE: Effective networking within social media isn’t a trick or a tool or a marketing strategy. Social media marketing is a long-term commitment that will generate different opportunities to contact and build real relationships with customers or many others who share common interests or goals.

With the growing number of social media sites and followers, it’s important for online marketers to mesh social media with their other branding, promotions and advertising efforts where it makes sense. Smart online marketers begin their social media plans by listening to their customers in various social channels before diving head first into the social pool.