Photography Services

Professional Photography

  • Need photos for your catalog, flyer or website?
  • Need professional photography taken at your location or out in the field?

No worries. K-Kom can shoot them.

“We needed new photos for our catalog, as well as our new website, so we decided to have them taken professionally. KKom came to our location for a half-day shoot. They would set up, shoot and move to a new spot – taking pictures of our large equipment, employees at work in the shop and products we were making at the time. It was very efficient.

Looking at our new brochure and website now, the quality photos make a huge difference! We’re so glad we chose KKom. Their photographer’s unusual close-ups and angles truly captured our image as a first-class global manufacturer.”

On-Site Photography

For many businesses, we send our photographer on location to capture footage of the facilities, people, processes, equipment, products, and services. All of the images shown in the gallery on the right were taken on location for one of our manufacturing clients.

In-Studio Photo Shoot

The other option is to bring your products back into our professional studio where we’ll create uniquely-focused shots or close-ups. The advantages of studio photography are the ability to control the lighting and other parameters – with the goal of highlighting the subject’s key visual elements.Studio work is not limited to small or medium-sized items either. Our photo studio is conveniently located near our loading dock (semi-trailer grade).

After the photo session, our graphic design team will transform your pictures into high-quality images – with the required resolution for print, web or other desired media.

Protect your brand.
Show them your best.

Professional photography services can truly maximize the impression you give to customers. Using poor quality or outdated images in your literature or website can damage your brand and their perception of your company, products, and services.