Video Production Services


The best videos start with a strong game plan. We’ll help you determine what goals you want to achieve and who you want to speak to with your video. The end result is a script and storyboard to guide our filming


Lights, camera, action! Our expert videographers will capture crisp, high-definition footage. Multiple takes and angles will be recorded to give us options later.


Your video truly takes shape in the editing room. Here we combine video clips, animation, graphics, narration, sound effects and music into a complete package that clearly delivers your message while holding the viewers attention.


A well-produced video only serves your business if potential customers watch it. We can make your video easy-to-find through optimization and put it in front of your target audience with a tailored marketing program.

Video Objectives

  • Capture the viewer’s attention
  • Separate yourself from your competition
  • Explain how your products and services make a difference

A professionally-produced video can make a lasting impression on your prospective customers.

When a marketing video delivers relevant information in an entertaining, professional video format, the combination generates a powerful impact. The results? Increased brand awareness, product recognition and conversion rates.

Did you know?

Videos boost memory retention by over 70% compared to print or radio.

Online shoppers who view demo videos are 1.8x more likely to purchase than non-viewers (Source).

4x as many consumers would rather watch a product video than read about it (Source).

4 of 5 consumers say a video showing how a product or service works is important (Source).

Web Video Production

The strength of video is in the way movement and sound capture the viewers’s attention – requiring very little effort on their part other than watching and listening. YouTube has made videos extremely easy to access and share. Whether your video is displayed on your website or social media, it will produce informed and entertained consumers!

Talent behind the camera. Experience. Quality equipment. These are the things that create a great video, and are what K-Kom has to make your next video your best one yet.

Take your project from conception and planning to distribution and promotion. We understand the value of working closely with our customers to produce quality videos. By focusing on the unique facets of video post-production, we will embrace the challenge to deliver a strong message to your targeted viewers and to bring you a strong return on your investment.

Corporate Video Production Services

Smart video marketing takes knowledge and video experience to create a visually compelling message. Just like all other marketing media, it requires identifying your target audience, understanding their needs and delivering the right message.

Video has the unique capacity to capture and deliver a much more dynamically-engaging experience than any other media. If you’re ready to truly engage your customers, you’re ready for video> Let’s get started today.

Sound Mixing

Sound can further stimulate the overall user experience – whether they’re looking at video, still photos, graphics, diagrams or content on a slideshow. Custom music is an excellent way to create the perfect ambience that will enhance your customers’ emotions and compel them to initiate contact with you.

In-house music & recording studio
In-house music & recording studio

Video Narration

How many times have you watched a video where the person talked you through a process and gave you facts, stories or insights that gave you unexpected value? Narratives can be direct or indirect. When trying to convey many details or stats, adding narration makes it much easier for viewers to consume information.

Professional Voice-Over

This can make a strong impact, especially for a home page business video. If you are recording on a regular basis, or sharing your expertise, there are two things you MUST DO:

1. Voice Quality: Get feedback on the quality and perception of your voice and speaking style. You may not need the voice of a top radio personality, but you really don’t want to sound unprofessional either.

2. Equipment Quality: Use the best sound recording equipment available. Echos, background noises or other audio imperfections can distract or diminish a viewer’s overall perceptions about your credibility or the quality of what you’re saying. Professional narrations can greatly enhance the quality of most videos.

A video’s entertainment factor is important as well. The overall experience should be easy to consume, memorable and visually attractive.

Special Note: Limit the text on your videos. Most viewers consider reading to be WORK on their part.