Your 5 Step Content Marketing Strategy

Welcome to the age of too much information everywhere. Many, many people on the internet have picked up on this “content is king” theory and have made it explode in every possible direction.

As a society, information has always been important, from the recording and preserving of history back to ancient times, fully stocked and accessible libraries in every town, to the present day internet and the input of everything we’ve collected thus far PLUS what Sarah had for lunch today and Mike’s recent rock climbing adventure in the Himalayas.

See a brief content marketing history dating back to the 1700s here

It seems as though the farther along we move in time, the more detailed we become in our information gathering, and the bigger our cravings become for knowing more, learning more, having access to more! There is a point though, where “more” doesn’t seem to be the answer. In fact, the sheer amount of information about one small subject, like the eye of an ant, can become overwhelming. So where do we as consumers stop, or how do we sift through what doesn’t matter, to get to what actually has meaning, or real value to us?

This is where the importance of content strategy for businesses and marketers comes into play. It’s amazing to see the number of articles some companies crank out in a single week, and sometimes that can be beneficial, but sometimes not. How effective is each article? And what are the goals behind cranking out all this stuff? Are you looking for new site visitors, repeat visitors? New leads? Engaging current customers? Helping or providing tips for a product? My competitors are doing it so I should too?

The number one thing on your content marketing strategy list should be WHY?

5 Steps to Starting Your Content Strategy


What are you writing for, what are your goals? Don’t be afraid to be specific. Another great place to start is right where you’re having the most difficulty as a business – do you need more awareness in the marketplace? Do you need to stand out from your competition better?

Who is your audience?

Know in as much detail as possible who you are, or would like to be, speaking to. Putting yourself in their shoes will help you focus and write to them more effectively.

What type of information will you be delivering?

What value can be delivered, and what could your audience be looking for that they aren’t receiving elsewhere? And what is your unique factor? Will this aid them in continuing down your sales funnel?


What channels will send your content out in the most effective way? Where does your audience reside on the internet and/or in real life?

Who will do it?

Who will be best suited to accomplishing your content strategy? Establish a list of tasks which can be delegated to a number of team members, determine the basic topics you’ll cover, how often you will publish, what quality standards are needed, and how to measure progress and success.

If a content marketing strategy sounds like something your company could use and you’d like some help with starting yours, or if you’re looking for other types of marketing services, feel free to contact K Kom Marketing, a local Milwaukee advertising agency, and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have!

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