Branding is Integral to Marketing Strategy

Importance of Branding in Market Strategy

Branding is not your logo, your tagline, or the last brochure or commercial you created. Branding resides in the hearts and minds of customers, prospects, and stakeholders. It’s how consumers recognize, experience, and differentiate you from your competitors. It’s their PERCEPTION of your business. It’s what customers believe and says about your products and services.

Savvy business owners and marketers realize that they can influence some of their customers’ experiences and perceptions – and some they cannot. Using that realization, the best way to create and grow your brand is to listen to your customers. Because, to succeed in branding, you need to understand the most important needs and expectations of your customers and prospects.

As you spend time building your brand to support your customers’ needs and wants, you begin to understand that your brand is your PROMISE to all consumers. A promise to…

  • Deliver a very relevant, useful solution to their problem.
  • Deliver on their needs and wants.


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