10 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence the Right Way

Social Media for Business Part 2

Social media for businesses may still sound frivolous to some, but it really has become an important factor for Google rankings as well as for building customer trust and loyalty. Here are 10 ways to ensure you grow your social media presence the best and most efficient way possible.

1. Determine goals and objectives

Before you do anything, you must decide why you’re doing it and what you want to come of it. Make sure you’re not wasting money and energy in a place that doesn’t have your target audience!

2. Understand your audience

To create content that’s worth someone’s time to read or share, you must understand the type of people your company’s products or services appeal to. What are their interests? What types of things do they talk about online with their friends? What problems and complaints do they have that are related to what your business does?

3. Let your social media platforms reflect your brand

Profile pictures/icons, cover photos, content shared – everything must feel fluid and make sense to the people you want to attract. This includes color, design, and the voice behind your content.

4. Interact with your audience

Once you start growing your community (remember it is a community you’re after), interact with them. Build real relationships. This is the best way to foster customer loyalty and appreciation. Be human.

5. Have a social media strategy written down

It’s easy to think you have everything clearly remembered in your head, but being able to see the big picture, get sucked into the fine details, and then go back to the big picture is not easy, especially if you’re juggled three to five different platforms, each with a different purpose. Designing a content and social media calendar can be a major headache-avoidance system when you start planning out ideas months in advance.

6. Use relevant hashtagshashtag

While some platforms are better for this than others, this is one good way to reach more people and gain potential followers that you otherwise wouldn’t reach or would have to pay to get in front of.

7. Provide real value

Going back to understanding your audience, look to provide extra value to them. If they see that they’re gaining something worthwhile from you at no cost to them, this creates an appreciation and greater willingness to do business with you, now and in the future.

8. Network like crazy

There are lots of public groups that people have created with a shared interest. Find the ones most relevant to you and share your added value content with them, for free. If this really is relevant to them these are the people that will be even more likely to bring you additional business.

9. Post consistentlysocial media calendar

There’s something about being consistent that people and Google-like. A Facebook page with a post from last year is very unappealing, and may cause someone to question whether you’re even in business anymore. Being current is also very appealing to Google and your SEO status!

10. Provide efficient customer service and promote conversation

Do not avoid issues. Encourage customers to share their problems and deal with them in a very public social media platform (when appropriate). When people see you’re not afraid to handle issues and are willing to go the extra mile to fix them, customer loyalty will increase dramatically.
If you’re like most business owners, and way too busy to deal with things other than running your business, contact K-Kom Marketing and ask about social media strategy. We’ll be glad to become part of your team and create the social media presence you need to increase your reach online and explode your bottom line!

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