7 Digital Marketing Tools that Will Continue to Evolve

Digital marketing tools have become essential in order to lead the marketing game. These tools are always evolving and businesses have to grasp their use quickly to take advantage of them. However, among hundreds of such marketing software packages and applications, you have to find the ones that offer you the best value for their prices.

To help you with that, we have enumerated seven digital marketing tools that will continue to evolve to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

1.     Hubspot Marketing

HubSpot offers many useful tools that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses regardless of what stage they are at. All they need is to set up a web form and live chat software to capture leads. After that, they can send various email marketing campaigns, gather all the data into their CRM software and assess the behavior of the visitors.

From managing social media content to tracking messages and generating leads, the tool is an all-in-one solution for the marketers. The best part about this tool is that it is evolving with time with the introduction of features that facilitate better sales and improve inbound marketing.

2.     Proof Marketing Platform

Proof is a digital marketing tool that connects to a website to use social proof to improve conversions on the site. It implements reviews, social proof messaging and videos that are geared to targeted customers when they visit the site. The tool is further boosting its features with hot streak notifications and live visitor count being a few examples that many brands can use to improve customers’ perception.

3.     MOZ SEO Tools

Moz provides an excellent selection of paid and free SEO tools. Marketers can perform page analytics keyword research, and backlink analyses by using MOZ.  Plus, it offers an excellent site-crawler feature. MozBar is evolving with its improved Chrome plug-in that can provide instant metrics for different WebPages at one click. 

4.     SEMRush Digital Marketing

SEMrush is an all-in-one tool for digital marketing that offers assistance with many tasks, such as position tracking, keyword research, and identifying different backlink opportunities. Plus, marketers can use this tool to do a technical and comprehensive SEO audit.

5.     Google Analytics Web Tracking

Looking for an advanced digital marketing tool that can help you get a ton of valuable insights on customer engagement with your website? Google Analytics is your go-to tool. You can explore this digital tool on Google Analytics Academy to learn about its ever-improving features.

6.     Canva Graphic Arts Suite

Canva is a tool for marketers and creators who like to design professional-level graphics. It helps them create infographics, CTA buttons, graphics for social sharing, and more.

7.     BuzzSumo

This research and monitoring tool can help marketers identify the latest trends and hot topics. BuzzSumo is an ideal tool for generating creative social media ideas, blogs, and high-performing content. It also identifies influencers and monitors brand performance. The paid tool is committed to bringing more innovative features to help customers rock their marketing strategies.

Bottom Line

Overall, the given digital marketing tools are perpetually evolving to provide ample opportunities for marketers to improve brand image among consumers. You have to pick the tool that best suits your business or use a combination of these to create a solid marketing strategy.

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