B2B Branding: Understand Your Brand

Business branding has long been important for some companies, and an afterthought for others. Those that have successfully reached a global level have been putting branding at the forefront of their business efforts. But why?

“We have a nice name and logo, we sell stuff, and you know, we’d like to sell more. What else is there to know?”

Unfortunately this isn’t enough in today’s transparency-loving world. People are looking for more. They like stories, especially with drama, a struggle, failure, and then a happy ending. They also want to know if you’re nice to the animals in the area your factory lives in, if you help the local community build new schools and feed the homeless, if you have good customer service, are willing to admit your mistakes, treat customers like family, and want to deliver something wonderful to them. Yes, customers expect a lot, but thanks to them you have a good business. How about a great business? This is where the importance of building a good brand comes in.

Brand Reputation

Your brand starts with your reputation – what do customers say about you (what would you like them to say), how do they feel about you, what can they expect when doing business with you? Then, how well known are you within your industry, and more importantly your target market? A positive reputation plus increasing visibility is a recipe for success!

If you’re already established, it’s good to reevaluate once in awhile and ensure your brand still says what you want it to say, otherwise re-branding may be beneficial for say, boosting sales, or maybe reaching a younger audience.

In the end, whatever you decide to say, you must stick to it and deliver. Being genuine and truthful is more important than ever before, and if people see a lie or something sketchy, all your hard work can be ruined instantly with a little blog or social media action by the disappointed customer.

Successful Branding Benefits

Once you build the dream brand you’ve always wanted for your business, you can start to enjoy the perks other big brand names enjoy

  • More referred clients (B2B lead generation!)
  • More organic clients
  • More easily beating out your competitors
  • Higher prices for the higher level of trust customers have for you
  • Higher closing percentage

Successful Brand Qualities

Specific Target Audience – Persona Development

Some businesses avoid making their target audience too specific, which isn’t going to get them very far in the long run. Understanding the types of people that actually seek out and enjoy your brand image will bring you far more success in the end.

Spotless Reputation

There are plenty of “ok” brands out there that I personally bounce between with their competitors without a second thought. Why? Either I’m not exactly in their target market, or they sometimes poke little holes in my boat… Obviously, it would be ideal to build up such a great image that no one would even consider any other brand. Great, reliable service plays a big part in this!

Real Visibility

Do the people you care about know you exist? And if they do, how much do they know? Your name and logo? Do they know about the many efforts you’ve put into providing a great product/service? Sometimes when a company has too many audiences they’re to reach, it’s difficult to communicate to them all at the same time, with the detail you’d like.

Premium Status

Once you obtain a superb brand status, people may begin expecting you to charge premium fees, because that has become the expected course of action for any very successful business, otherwise people may ask, “What’s wrong? Why are they so cheap if they’re supposedly so good?”
To get your brand built up to where you’d like takes time and dedication, but it’s worth it in the long run if you would like to see your business outlive you. Contact K-Kom Marketing with any questions, if you’re looking for some new B2B marketing services, or promotional strategies. We will be happy to provide some insights (and some out-of-sights!).

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