The Benefits of Having a Pro Manage Your Brand on Social Media

For large and small businesses, with the semi-new popularity of brand management comes skepticism and question as to whether or not it’s really as important as some businesses make it out to be. But for any of the globally-successful names that come to mind right away, they would tell you that yes branding is incredibly important (learn more about this in a recent blog post What Exactly is Brand Marketing).

So first, what does a brand manager do?

A brand manager or branding agency begins by researching the marketplace in which their client resides, determining the level of competitiveness based on the big players and comparable rivals, competitive positioning, products and pricing. After analyzing this data, the brand manager then goes in and develops a brand strategy which can include marketing, budget management, helping with digital and print design, promo activities, price and sale analysis, and a thorough evaluation of how the brand can be seen by a wider consumer base, while maintaining relevancy. Telling a clear story in a genuine way causes those that resonate with the story to be more loyal; in an age like today where loyalty is scarce, this is becoming invaluable.

Win More Sales

The idea is to take the four P’s of marketing (product, placement, price, promotion) and put them on a sort of autopilot. Consumers have so many choices between all sorts of products, it’s often difficult for them, if not impossible to tell the difference between each. But, if you have a brand that is well known with a good reputation, you are more likely to win that decision and sale.

Brand Strategy FTW

So, to approach this the right way takes dedicated time and effort, which is why many companies turn towards professional brand management companies or a brand strategist, so you can keep running the business and doing what you need to do, and can leave the details to someone who is familiar with the ins and outs, has the resources for continuous research, and will dedicate time each day specifically for improving your brand image.

Social Media Is Still In It’s Early Stages – Take Advantage

Social media has become increasingly important for brands as a way to communicate directly with customers for entertainment purposes, surveys, direct feedback about what the business is doing as a whole, or customer service. Customers and potential customers can see what kinds of people belong to the company, and you can address widely known issues to many people at once which is very helpful if you must have a recall or if negative rumors are spreading through the media. Admitting your mistakes and telling people how you’re going to improve them improves customer loyalty and kills negative Nancy’s pretty quick!

If your business is ready to try out social media, could use some new marketing ideas and brand management, or you just want to know more about corporate branding services, contact K-Kom and we’ll be happy to tell you more and get you going in the right direction!


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