Branded Content More Important Than Ever

Branding your content

Many companies are aware of the increasing need and want for content – good quality, meaningful content – to capture the attention of just a minuscule percentage of the one billion daily internet users. But exactly how important is this sponsored content strategy, particularly for a B2B company, and how much effort should your business put into it?

While there is countless evidence for B2C companies starting from nothing to being bought out for millions of dollars because of their content success, B2B businesses are catching on and, when they deliver content that their audience enjoys or finds useful, they aren’t salesy, and they use smart calls-to-action, those audience members become leads.

People are looking for “thought leaders”, businesses that have a vast portfolio of experience, and a broad industry knowledge-base. This builds trust in a world where scamming is prevalent and discouraging. While this content won’t build the same relationship that a handshake will, it certainly increases the available hands to shake, and once you begin interacting with those new leads, the quality content they’ve been exposed to has already given your company a head start.

While some critics say content marketing blurs the line between editorial and advertising, it works well for growing ad platforms like Facebook which thrives on social interaction. Brands that are serious about making a good name for themselves and want to compete with the best of ‘em are beginning to offer their audiences extra value. This is a sure-fire way to improve their image as, not only a quality product or service provider that likes to communicate with their customers, but also as a positive presence in the community. Brand-building with educational or fun content is key to growing your customer base. Here is an infographic by LinkedIn that talks about why we have such an insatiable craving for great content.

Case Studies

Buzzfeed Logo

Content From the Start

BuzzFeed, a digital media company founded in 2006 with branded content at the core of their business model first began by simply tracking viral content on the internet, and it now focuses on providing the most shareable breaking news, entertainment, original reporting, and video. They’ve been steadily growing ever since, driven by agency services, and again, branded content.

But even companies in industries not quite as sexy as entertainment or extreme sports are taking advantage of content marketing.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance

A small personal financial management company called Mint was launched to help people track their spending. Because of their blog Mint Life, which covered topics that were exactly what their growing audience was looking for, a few years later they were bought out for $170 million.

Oil Investing

Oil and Gas

A small oil and gas drilling company called Payson Petroleum got to know their ideal audience very well so they could provide all the content those people would want or need, in hopes that they would become the independent investors the company was seeking. This included:

  • Up-to-date information about the industry.
  • A custom built app specifically for keeping people informed with market news and oil price predictions.
  • Investment calculators for those individuals who decided to be part of the business.
  • Published blog articles which talked about the history of their area and historical oil sites, posts about what the company was doing at the time, and helpful educational materials.
Oil Rig Operator


A commercial construction company called Steward Perry offers blogs written by their founder and president called “Planting Acorns”, which includes posts about current projects. He offers an obviously experienced point of view to his readers and writes that the blog is for “helping you find seeds of potential where others only see a blank space. About changing your way of thinking so that by doing the right thing, you gain a business edge. What goes around comes around. Plant an acorn. Watch it grow”.

In a recent survey, 72% of marketers were using content as part of their strategy, but there was a correlation between those who thought the strategy was very effective vs. those who had the strategy documented (the documented strategies claimed much more efficient compared to the undocumented).

Content takes time, which is why many companies decide to ignore the success it can bring. At K-Kom Inc., we have expanded our content creation, recognizing the increasing importance that it holds with consumers today. We offer services such as:

  • Blog content creation and management
  • Assistance with blog content
  • Social media content creation and management
  • Assistance with social media content

Start a conversation with your audience. Build a solid relationship. If you don’t have the time, let us bring our expertise to the table. With your industry knowledge and our strategizing, let’s skyrocket your brand awareness and your bottom line.

Call or email us anytime with questions regarding our services and feel free to ask about branded content creation and strategy or other content marketing you would like to know more about!

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