How Effective Web Design Can Tell Your Brand’s Story

Many brands are unaware of the importance web design holds when generating online traffic and telling your story to the world. Web design surely helps tell your brand’s story, but only if you use it the right way. Living in a digital world, it is crucial to use your website’s design to communicate your brand’s story. To help you out, we have mentioned below a few effective ways web design can narrate your brand’s story to everyone.

1. Create a Bold Logo

Your brand’s logo distinguishes you from others and helps people recognize your products or services whenever they see your logo in an ad or on social media. You’ll want to keep your logo as simple and unique as possible (Not easy, we know). Make sure people can easily see and understand what’s written if you’re adding wordings within the logo to help eliminate confusion. A typical website layout dictates that you must place your brand logo on the top left corner of your website as this is the most common area on websites today.

2. Use an Appropriate Color Palette

Depending on the type of business you’re running, you must use an appropriate color scheme that complements the purpose behind your brand. For instance, if you’re a luxury brand, you would want to use bold colors like black, gold, and silver. Keep your audience in mind when selecting a specific color. If you’re advertising your brand worldwide, you must use colors favored universally. Colors help build a specific mood and vibe around your brand; hence, you need to make sure you choose the perfect one.

3. Keep Your Content Structured and Direct

The first thing a visitor wants to see on your website is your brand’s purpose and the services or products you offer. Hire a content creator who can provide you with easy to read and concise information regarding the products and services, its uses, and unique selling proposition.

4. Add Images and Videos

You need to get as creative as possible with your web design so that you can perfectly tell the story of your brand. A good way to keep your visitors engaged when they see your landing page is by adding images and short video clips. Some people find it easier watching short clips than reading through a whole paragraph. You can also make a mascot for your brand and feature it on your website. This mascot can direct your visitors throughout your page and may even talk to them through short video clips.

Final Thoughts

By using these tips mentioned above, you can take your brand to places you never imagined it would reach. Web design may look relatively easy, but it requires a lot of planning and thinking. Make sure to hire an expert to get a visually compelling, easy to navigate web design that tells your brand’s story.

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