Stats and Benefits of Digital Marketing

The average consumer now spends more time online than with TV, newspaper, magazines, and all other media types combined.

  • Mobile advertising is estimated to represent 72% of all US digital ad spending by 2019.
  • Social media marketing has more than doubled over the last two years.

Digital Ads Expanding

Digital advertising capabilities are constantly expanding and it’s imperative to take advantage of this in some way no matter what industry you’re involved in. Digital marketing is a rather broad term now, and has perhaps become more relevant than traditional marketing, as there are avenues that every business can utilize.

Billboards vs. Banner Ads

Billboards can still have an impact, however the ability to measure their success rate is nearly impossible. Digital banner ads and Native advertising are comparable products, and it is possible to measure their success, down to very fine details. Suddenly you know which half of your marketing budget is growing the business and which half is being wasted!

TV vs. YouTube

TV has become YouTube – video marketing. Radio has become digital radio like Pandora. Directory listings have become search engine marketing (though there are still plenty of online directories to be listed in as well). Word of mouth has expanded into vast quantities of testimonials, reviews from strangers, social media engagement. Again, traditional marketing avenues are not dead, but many more people can be found on the internet, and the measurement capabilities are so accurate it’s impossible to waste money for months and months without knowing it.

Content Marketing

The way things seem to be moving now is into content marketing – your brand shares useful or entertaining content to your audience for their betterment and “no strings attached”. People build trust in the company this way, and choose to buy on their own… “people don’t like being sold – but they love to buy” – Dale Carnegie. This practice shows passion for what your company does, shows that you’re an industry leader, builds your brand name, and creates, in my opinion, the strongest kind of customer loyalty.

If you’d like to expand your digital marketing strategies, improve your brand awareness, or just start getting your feet wet with the wide world of internet marketing, contact K-Kom Inc. and we’ll be happy to get you started in the right direction.

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