Top 6 Restaurant Menu Design Mistakes

Your restaurant’s menu is as important as the merchandise display to any major retailer. You want to display everything you have to offer clearly, while highlighting the things you would like to sell more of.

A survey done by the Gallup reported that most customers will spend about 109 seconds reading a menu, so that’s the amount of time you have to get your message across and sell the things you most would like to sell.

Knowing this, the more you have in your menu (eg. multiple pages like Cheesecake Factory and TGI Friday’s) the longer it will take for someone to make a decision, and the longer it will take to turn over your tables, especially for first time customers.

Another study done found that many sales came from only 18-24 of their menu items, so by limiting the menu, table turnover time can be improved while decreasing inventory needs.

Common Menu Mistakes

  • Hard to read: this can be caused by small font size, font and background color, crowded pages, as well as restaurant lighting
  • Overemphasized prices: having prices listed in a column may cause customers to disregard items based simply on price
  • Monotonous design: using the same design on each item will not allow anything to stand out. Make sure to emphasize your best or favorite items, especially items you would like to sell more of. Photos, different fonts, colors, etc.
  • Not matching the restaurant: the menu should complement the atmosphere and type of restaurant you are – formal vs casual.
  • Too big: size matters when compared to the table and place settings. Don’t create awkwardness with an oversized menu and small crowded tables with wine glasses.
  • Not using valuable space: don’t forget the front and back covers. Put information about your business including the name, address, even the history if you have a good story and extra space!

If you would rather not leave this very important part of your restaurant business to chance, contact K-Kom and one of our designers will be happy to discuss your menu design needs!

We also offer print services to ensure your menu is exactly the way you want it.

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