What Types of Marketing Does My Business Need Part 3: SEO and SEM

Continuing our journey through the various types of marketing available to you and your booming (or soon to be booming!) empire, we’ll now talk about the very valuable SEO – search engine optimization – and SEM – search engine marketing (also known as PPC or pay-per-click).


SEO – Search Engine Optimization


Google confirmed themselves what the top two search engine ranking factors are currently (as of 2016): content and links pointing to your site. These two things are big, important components of SEO, which makes SEO increasingly valuable to a business looking to be very successful in the digital realm.

According to research done by Ascend, 80% of companies feel like their SEO efforts are “above average”. As far as strategies behind SEO, 57% considered content creation as the most effective, but 48% also found this as the most difficult. 82% feel the effectiveness of SEO is increasing.


By implementing a separate SEO program into your already existing business and marketing strategies, you put your company in a much more advantageous position compared to your competitors who may or may not already be doing these things. Appearing above these competitors, whether the names are already known or if they’re brand new businesses you weren’t even aware of, will give your potential customers a better first impression. As well, with expanded content focusing on, for example, educational material for customers, makes you not only very helpful, but also sets you up as an industry leader.

As content, keyword research, and link building (getting other websites to like your content so much that they share your link to it) continue to be the most valuable strategies, these also require a lot of time and effort, and 76% of companies surveyed claimed to use outside resources to achieve the results they’re looking for.


SEM – Search Engine Marketing


  • Google has a 40.5% share of the global mobile digital ad market (as of Dec. 2014) and a 31% share of the global digital ad market.
  • Click through rate on search ads were more than 3x higher than social and display ads (2016).
  • Interestingly 55% of users cannot identify the difference between paid search results ads vs. organic results.
  • Google earned an ad revenue of $63.11 billion in 2016, an increase of 19% over last year – they mainly earn this revenue by users clicking on these ads.


While this approach is an investment, where you’re paying for ads vs. using the “free” organic ranking, this is very helpful to get a business off the ground, especially if the website is new or has never been optimized in the past for particular goals and themes. If you want instant results, this is the method that you will see instant results from. SEO is a gradual approach that will help strengthen your business in the long-term.


If you business is ready to take the next step in your web presence and to start seeing yourself on search engine results, contact K Kom for local Milwaukee SEO and SEM targeting, national, and even worldwide, and we will be glad to get you started!

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More stats from Google.

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