What’s the Secret to Rank at the Top in Google Search Results?

Whether you are a startup or an established enterprise, improving the visibility of your business on the web is imperative to succeed. Most buyers these days prefer to start their research online before they intend to go to a retail location to make a purchase, and this isn’t limited to retailers, many buyers in the industrial sector start their prospecting through search engines!

According to a survey, 89 percent of people search online before making a purchase, even if they are buying from a local business. That means if an entrepreneur wants to attract valuable traffic and lead it to the relevant resources on the website, he or she needs to secure the top ranking on Google search results.

But it is vital to understand that there is no magic to conquer the rankings. The only secret that can help you soar high in Google searches is to employ effective strategies.

If you don’t know how to do it, we have you covered here.

The Secret to Rank at the Top of Google Search Results

Put Together Your SEO Strategy

The very first step to take is to put together the right and relevant SEO strategy. It is worth mentioning that companies fail with their marketing before even getting off the ground because they focus on the keywords that are either too broad, irrelevant,  do not get sufficient traffic, or are very competitive.

Remember that a focused keyword list is always broad, but it is essential to narrow it down through extensive research. You may be surprised by what you find, sometimes people find your business using terms you haven’t considered.

You can narrow the relevance and competition of broad keywords to incorporate specific services and local elements. For instance, instead of using “marketing,” you can go for “inbound marketing” or “digital marketing.”

Make an Ongoing Web Content Strategy

“Do not let your website get stale” was the key message Google put out when it updated the Panda algorithm in 2011.  That means the search engine rewards the websites that continually improve their content, grow the number of resources on web pages, and improve relevancy.

Therefore, you must build your website better over time to improve its search engine rankings. You can keep the website fresh by adding informative content, tools, and resources to help your visitors navigate and stay longer on your website.

Optimize for Focus Keywords

Keep in mind that each page of your site needs to incorporate some critical optimization components. Each page should stick to one main term or topic, this helps Google understand the content of each page without getting confused about the purpose of the page. So make sure your web pages contain and address the following elements with focus keywords.

  • 70 characters page title
  • Alt Text
  • H1 and H2 title text
  • Meta description of at least 155 characters
  • Content keywords at least once with included variations as necessary

Bottom Line

All in all, from building a solid strategy and implementing it effectively to keeping up with the Google algorithm to make a significant adjustment, you need to do a lot to rock the ranking game. In the end, make sure that you stick to the best SEO practices once your website has ranked high to maintain your ranking.

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