B2B Internet Marketing Strategies Part 2: Be Seen

The first step in a successful B2B internet marketing strategy we talked about was to be found using techniques like having a good website, using the most up-to-date SEO practices, listening to competitors and customers on social media, etc.

The second step for great digital B2B marketing is to be seen. With brand loyalty being more rare today, having your brand name seen on a regular basis by the right people is increasingly important. While this loyalty is going away using old strategies, consumers still want to be able to trust their product/service, and in the end, a brand. It’s a different game than in the past.

Using Social Media

We’ve all heard about how important social media can be for businesses especially in the eyes of Google. This can also be a very powerful tool in offering customers added value, for free, proving that your business cares about what it does more than the profit it makes.

Occasional CTA On Social

Your social channels should be a strategic blend of great value for customers, discussions, problem-solving/customer support, and customer-created content. It’s good to throw in a few call-to-actions here and there to remind people to buy or be a repeat customer. BUT do NOT spam, and do not do this every day. Everyone is already bombarded by so many ads, and they will probably unfollow your page if that’s what you become.

Using Paid Media

b2b digital marketing strategies

Paid ads are the traditional marketing method known to every business out there. These are still very important, but with Google Adwords and social media paid ads, especially Facebook, tracking effectiveness and how much your budget is working and how much isn’t, is not a secret. Putting together a strategic landing page and creating a few ads based around a particular phrase you know your ideal customer uses to search for your product or service, can be very cost-effective and worthwhile.

For social media ads, this is where knowing your audience comes in handy. With the detailed targeting options Facebook and other social platforms have developed, these can be some of your best investments in online advertising.

“Upcycling” Content

Content is important, so many people have taken to creating lots and lots of it every day, and often some great pieces are quickly forgotten or missed altogether. If you have a content source from a business that is not a competitor but is still relevant to your audience, share or reshare the most valuable items, or take some of your best older posts and reshare them to boost visibility. Reformat it, expand it into a whitepaper, make a video out of it, create an infographic out of it, a slideshow, or even interview an industry expert about it.

If you’re a busy business owner and simply don’t have time for all of these things, contact K-Kom, and we’ll partner with you to build on your B2B internet marketing strategies and set your brand up for long-term success.

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