B2B Internet Marketing Strategies Part 3: Be Heard

The last step in this series of B2B internet marketing strategies is all about being heard. Even if you’re reaching a good audience, are they reaching you and then leaving right away?

Create Commitment

Make it very easy for people to get in touch and stay in touch through the website, social media, or any way your audience prefers.

  • If you are frequently sharing great content on your site, make sure social links are easy to see so people can like, follow, and share it.
  • Create an email subscription form so you can reach out to people on a regular basis with a newsletter or coupons.
  • Make more robust content like white papers or eBooks “gated” – that is, require a trade of an email address, survey answer, or other info for the download. This gives you a quality list of leads (just don’t do too much of this).

Engage with People Online

It’s important to talk to your customers, listen to them – both compliments and complaints. Resolve their issues, talk to them about fun things related to your business. The purpose of digital marketing is not only to create more sales for yourself, but to revive customer retention rates, give each person a unique, personal experience, and cause an increase in referral customers.

If you really have a quality business, make this known to other people in a way that they’ll want to share it with all their friends. That model will give you long term growth and success.


Competing in the digital economy in some industries has become an overwhelming and sometimes difficult task. Focusing on these three essential B2B internet marketing strategies consistently will give you a great competitive edge and a strong, committed customer base.

If you’re like most business owners and know you don’t have time to keep track of these extra things, utilize the B2B marketing services offered by K-Kom, and we’ll work together with you to grow your business to the next level and beyond!

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